I've been asked to join a recruitment process to popular airline company. The same day I received email with instructions:
"[...] This is a short test comprised of 18 multiple choice questions. [...]

The total time for the test is max 16-minutes."

Yeah, I tried to open test on the phone. Fortunately, website prevented me from doing this. I had like 14 closed questions (not even multiple choice), the rest (at least 5 as I remember) was open questions including implementing whole app in React and refactoring some trivial code example. "Max 16 minutes" was 3 hours. I did everything except application because I wanted to distract my thoughts anyway because I had to say goodbye to my pet that day.

A week later they sent me an email that unfortunately "I don't meet their technical expectations" so I emailed them back that the test didn't meet my expectations as it was completely different from what I've been told and I did much more than I should anyway.

I just hope they are better prepared for recruitment processes for captains than programmers.

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    Why any captain that can pass such hardcore interview can even drop the plane out of sky while I’m in it I don’t care
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