This wk47 'bad habits' tag really highlights just how many devs are out there that I never want to work with

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    Or, it highlights how we're all just imperfect humans, while giving a great opportunity to demonstrate self-awareness.

    I guess which option it is depends on how much of a dick you want to be.
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    If it was self awareness, with an attitude towards change then they'd have my full support.

    There are a lot that I read that do not have this attitude. These are the people I mean
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    I definitely have bad habits. The ones I know of, I'm working to change.

    I obviously don't expect perfection, but I can't stand people who don't want to better themselves
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    The one I just read did. Maybe it set me off. This is a place for ranting after all!
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    The description ended in 'YOLO', which doesn't sound the person cares. And it was about a major annoyance of mine
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