Working from third world country means getting paid just 10-20% of world wide salaries and already being happy about it, because your salary is still 4 times higher than other local ones.

Silly wishes for career. To achieve getting paid 90%+ of the salary in the next close years. Or at least 50%.

Some of the local people continue work for 10% salary all their career life here... I wonder why? Why not to fight for your place in the world?

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    why not fight?

    because the world is an unfair place, and fighting for _your place_ in it only makes it more unfair.

    instead, we should fight for _everyone_ to have a good place.

    (stop climbing up the ladder, start breaking down the wall!)
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    @tosensei well said.
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    @tosensei I am not strong enough for that. I do not have a power or money for that.

    I am quite realistic about what I can do. If I had a girlfriend, I would likely not be able to help even her, unless my amount of power was substantially higher. (1.5-2x)

    My amount of power is enough only to try making the way for myself, even that amount is just barely enough.

    I hope to achieve enough power to accommodate having a family one day in a distant future
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    It’s because work is for slaves.
    Your country lives from cheap labour. Revolution won’t change anything unless people change the way they think. It won’t happen automagically, you need couple generations of people and good education system to do it cause those who live now are already lost. Just because of their knowledge and understanding of the world.

    Learn more, save spare time, build online product and try to sell it for 90%-100% price.

    You have great opportunity cause of global online market waiting for you to disappoint your expectations but you think about regular job.
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    Note that working with a 10% salary usually also means that the general prices in your country are 10% of what they are elsewhere. So even if you move and double your wages your living expenses will skyrocket too.

    Ordinary developers aren't usually rolling in cash anywhere. Sure we (usually) make better living than people doing manual labor though.
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    Nothing wrong with working for a fraction of the money if it still is enough to pay for all the things you need. There also is a reason we often call the wage "compensation". If the job is good and pays enough, it is okay. If the job is bad, it needs to pay more than enough to compensate for it being bad. The worse it is, the more it needs to pay.

    But if your salery is four times the others', there really is no point apart from pure greed to even try getting more. You could have a wife that doesn't need to work _and_ a maid - and you would still have two times the salery of other people!

    That is a level of luxury, that in the west only the rich can afford. But i totally get it: Normal humans are never satisfied...
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    smart people do like this.

    Nowadays, you can earn from anywhere, there your expenses might be low and work for those who pay high.

    But everyone doesn't comfortable or secure with it.
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    @tosensei deep, if only there were no countries no exchange rate and all work was compensated equally. Hard to reach such goals maybe future generations can, unlikely in our time.
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    @neriald I dream that one day we can have a system that incentives people to work but doesn’t coerce them to.
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