devRant is messed up!
I often open the app (iOS), see a rant that I want to read, tap on it, and the app crashes.
Now I almost got used to that shit but for some reason when I open the app again, that rant that I wanted to read is gone! Never to be found again!
No matter how often I reload, how much I scroll down, it’s simply gone.

This annoys me more than it should maybe. But seriously, wtf is wrong with this platform? I don’t know if it’s only the iOS app but so many other things are broken here, it’s disturbing. And those problems are there for many years, nobody seems to care. 😩

Don’t get me wrong, I like devRant. It’s the only social platform that I use. But… ugh…

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    1) app crashes
    - it's a long time iOS feature that creates rage of its own so we re even more frustrated then we were 5 seconds before.
    - it's a problem with appcellerator and rest APis taking to long, apparently it can't handle that 🤷‍♂️
    - it's open source now so maybe it'll stabilise it's self over time.

    2) rants going missing.
    - you need to configure these things correctly to get the most out of your feed.
    - see screenshot

    3) fuck, I lost this trying to post this, here's attempt 2 🥹
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    Where are those sort settings? I found it only for weekly rants. But’s that doesn’t sound right.
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    @Lensflare icon top right of screen
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    Nevermind, found them on the top right in the rant feed itself
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    devRant works fine on Chrome.
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    @Oktokolo I bet it does. But I really prefer to use the app if possible.
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    @Lensflare: Well, it is your choice!
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    App crashes create even more frustration when you’re sorting by recent. Cause sometimes you end up spending a lot of time. Meaning you already survived 3 crashes and scrolled so far down and then it crashes again. You’re already pissed off that you have to scroll all the way down again BUT then it crashes while you’re scrolling to where you were before.

    Now that feeling, I have no words for it. Anyway I finally learnt to let go and now I only use Algo sorting. Happier than ever. I also get zen like feeling letting go after each crash.
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