I was a bit drunk.
But I wanted to improve security of the company. So, I went in Azure and activated “Security defaults” which forces MFA for all users in the company. (Because RH always forget to enable MFA for new employees, and I actually care about security)
Then I went in office 365 management and instead of resetting MFA for all users (Forcing everyone to redo MFA setup), I (by mistake) clicked on reset all passwords.
I tested my own account it was fine and went to sleep.
Got a call from CEO at 7am, all 30 employees cannot login in, cannot work.
What a shit show I made…
I have a call with CEO in about 2 hours, I don’t even know how to justify myself…
So children: don’t activate company wide options while drunk. Ever.

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    Just play dumb: "no idea what heppend". Not sure though.
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    @magicMirror I'm the CTO, i cannot have "no idea" :(
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    @NoToJavaScript Well then.
    Take full resposibility that that will not happen again. For at least a week. Next weekend tops.
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    I'm shivering in fear of what might happen if I did this where I work. Over 10000 employees. The IT call center would be cursing my name.
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    You wanted to start instituting a policy requiring people to reset their passwords. At least once a year, starting now.
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    @Demolishun NICE ! I like that ! :)
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    @EmberQuill well, already with 30 people it was a shit show, I can't even imagine how that kind of "miss click" could affecte 10.000 lol.

    "Oups, sorry" won't cut it there
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    Maybe you've learned an important security related thing...

    If you're drunk, fingers away from critical systems.
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    Honestly you can say it was for security. (which, it truly was) anyone against that can go F themselves

    Sure, you didn't run it by anyone, but that's all ego chow (though thats the bread and butter of corporate life so maybe thats the real problem)
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    @IntrusionCM Yep. I did send an email to CEO before changes. At 23h46....
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    @NoToJavaScript *sigh*

    I really hope you learned something from it

    23:46 is no work time.
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    @IntrusionCM the thing is, I drink. A lot. And while the idea of this change is good, I should've never touched the actual config of the company
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    You shouldn't have worked at that time.

    Never work when drunk.

    And critical systems are entirely taboo if you are not in a sane state of mind.
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    Maybe also stop drinking
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    Weak sauce in the comments here. Full sends only
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    Code drunk? Sure, just don’t check in until you code review yourself the next day (Assuming not too hung over). Don’t do anything you can’t take back easily.
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    Blame Microsoft! I can’t believe the settings are coupled like that!
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    @NoToJavaScript got to learn to schedule a email send
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    @NoToJavaScript: I'm the CTO, i cannot have "no idea" :(

    that makes it even better lol

    Use propaganda tactics, after you did something terrible, act like they are the stupid ones, like "Did you not receive my email about the periodic password reset for security reasons, or you just didn't read it at all? Am I the only one around here who cares about security?" you wont even lie
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    So, how did it go?

    Are you still employed, or only drunk?
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    Thank god I don’t have access to that, this would be so much worse here: 80K+ people
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    @Earu Honestlly, If I weas sober, no way I would do a mistake like that.

    So just lying really low and then i'll do that again (Sober this time lol)
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