I recently left a company where we had 2 hour long standups. I was so tired of them because half the time was deprioritizing what we prioritized yesterday. Everyday there was something more urgent coming up. It was a startup with 6 engineers. Sometimes the conversations were just random stuff that could easily take 45 minutes.

Now it feels so nice doing 15 minutes standups and then having the time to do the actual work.

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    That's nice to hear. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    I sure will
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    I think we se part of the problem you had to change priorities so often :P
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    2 hour standups is criminal
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    @black-kite especially if they are actual stand ups, as in no chairs.

    But yes, the point of it being a “stand up” is to push for a short meeting.
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    What you have done yesterday?, what you plan to do today? Is everything going according to the plan? Any blockers or impediments? Next person. Everything else like technical details, processes etc can be taken 'offline'after the standup, with the persons involved.

    Anything more in daily standup is overkill and scrum master should monitor for such shenanigans!

    And by 'offline' i do not mean literally offline, I mean after the meeting is over!
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    @devJs yeah we didn’t have a scrum master, we all reported to the cofounder who also lead the standups
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    @littlePanda oh, so sorry, control freaks are special category that likes to know all that happens and micromanages every fucking thing then blames others for their mistakes when something goes wrong.

    Glad that you left already!
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