good code > bad code + good comments 🤔

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    Pishi komentari we ei :)
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    Tbh I've seen code written by incredibly smart people which is incomprehensible because they've assumed it's self documented. I.e. written in such an amazingly clear way because everything is trivially obvious.

    Please for the love of god add comments because Jesus Christ not everyone understands a given problem domain. What a concept is in a given code base might be obvious to someone whose worked in that area for several months but might be completely opaque to someone else.

    It's not just that. Functionality and edge cases are typically left out with this approach. I'd dig into concrete examples but that would violate my nda and tbh I'm pretty high rn.

    But yeah. In general write code as if the next person reading it is going to be one of your junior devs
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    @classyman For sure good coding + good comments is the best scenario and I totally got your point
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    Good code > good code plus comments
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