The "Gratitude" emoji pack recently introduced to Slack. They're basically "Thank you" in different languages.
Among others, there is a Russian "спасибо", but there is no Ukrainian "дякую".

What's up Slack? Didn't you paint your logo blue and yellow when the war started?

If you're gonna push your "please don't cancel us" marketing BS like all the other companies, at least be fucking consistent.

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    Why would you write sentences on emojis?
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    @lbfalvy to use it as a reaction?
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    Well, they're missing a fair few language emoji either way, it's not like either should get priority just because of a war. Plus, if we're going for armed conflicts get priority, Ukraine wouldn't even rank the top.
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    @BadFox it's not about just introducing these emojis. It's about first painting your logo in the Ukrainian flag colours, and then adding Russian emoji and not adding a Ukrainian one.
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    @kiki well then, I suppose you're right, rampant hypocrisy.
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    @kiki: Probably different teams. Logo colors came directly from marketing while emojis came from community managers who didn't get that the whole point of emojis is being the same for all cultures...
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    They haven't made an emoji for my language either but I am not complaining. I guess their team didn't think about political matters during the process.
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    Portuguese is winning!
    We have 2 emojis: obrigado and obrigada
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