Have you ever had to fire someone? or get someone fired?

I’m thinking about a time when I should have made sure a guy was fired.
He had no business leading a project, and I knew this early on when he suggested connecting a public frontend straight to a clients’ ERP.
I wasn’t on his project but I ended up cleaning up his mess when shit hit the fan.

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    Yep, the fallout is usually as messy as the shit they left behind.. granted they actually left anything behind๐Ÿ˜’
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    It's the last thing one must do when the diplomatic approach fails and employee is unwilling to leave on his own.
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    Does this mean we have to include a story as well. :-)


    I was working in the field and next door was a warzone, I told all my folk to keep away unless they fancy being shot at.

    One person decided to ignore that advice and hang out at a bar in the warzone.

    I told them not to do that again, or they would be fired.

    They did it again..

    They got fired.
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