How old are these potential brides in Bridgerton? Some of them look 16.

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    Probably. Is Bridgerton is set in the past. They used to marry a lot younger back then. Just because people died for more reasons and didn't live as long.

    Did you watch GOT series? Daenerys is 14 in the books. The actress wasn't, but I noticed in the show they didn't say how old she was.
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    @Demolishun the characters were all aged up in the series. bran wasn't 7 and rickon wasn't 3. some of the adults were also supposed to be much younger. well, although it isn't clear how long a year takes in westeros. the seasons are whatever the hell, maybe the years are too
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    @darksideofyay well.

    That's true for most of the "history series".

    Syphilis, tuberculosis, child work, streets full of shit, royalty not bathing and instead using perfume...

    Any real depiction of history in a series would - in my opinion - end up in a shit storm and immediate desaster.
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