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    Old school for the win
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    jQuery? I thought that died when Selector API came out.
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    @sonic And yet again, it is still widely useful :)

    I think this JS lib name1 is way better than js lib name2 is too much. Every lib is good enough. Its the use case which matters :)
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    I have noooooooo idea wtf all that shit is
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    I hope one day all JavaScript dies 😒
    (A newbie in web development ☚ī¸)
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    @mzpro10 haha chill bro
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    @gitpush trust me you will find javascript easier than any other languages and once you will be proud to be a javascript developer
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    I don't see how exactly is ScalaJS (which basically the Scala language) related to all those JavaScript UI frameworks. It appears that some people don't know what they are talking about...
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    @monnef Scalajs is for front end
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    @gitpush It will take some time for WebAssembly to be standardised.
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    @hariaakash it's just scary
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    @mzpro10 Stick to popular ones like Angular / React
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    @hariaakash Well, not really. It is a subset of Scala *language* which compiles to JavaScript. JS is nowadays an universal language - it's not uncommon to use it for back-end, tools or desktop applications. How could anyone compare a universal programming *language* to a library/framework? It is same bs as "Is better JavaScript or Angular?" or "Is better a car or Toyota?"...
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    @monnef Scalajs implements the concepts of scala, but itself a library born out of js for ui. Hence it clearly makes sense. Arguing simply without detail points is of no use
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