Writing in a language I barely know cause clients requirements...

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    @g-m-f unless it's brainfuck or those really old ones
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    It can only he helpful if it's in line with the language you already know. But if that will take you to a total new syntax.. It's really a waste of time.
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    @yooudeek I disagree. I currently mainly work with PHP, and have worked in Python, C++, Java and Ruby.

    Yet the language which has made me a better PHP dev was Haskell, working on a laboratory automation system.

    Learning an uncomfortably strange syntax and programming paradigm makes you reevaluate all your preconceptions about a language, forces you to think about underlying patterns.
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    @bittersweet did you dived into the other languages because of the project or you already have a foundation on them?
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    @yooudeek I used to be a C++/Python dev, but there's more PHP work in my area. I took up haskell because the lab system needed to be expanded, and their own haskell dev had left.

    My point is that learning something extremely different makes you appreciate how code can solve problems in multiple ways.

    Like many, I thought OOP was the holy grail of programming, but working in a functional language made me look into category theory and Lambda calculus.

    I haven't denounced OOP, but now I integrate concepts from FP where it makes sense.
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    @bittersweet I got your point but telling me to jump into a new language just because I'm doing a project it's totally a waste of time. But to learn other languages at my own pace depending on the requirement of what I want to accomplish. That's cool then
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