Dear children let's talk about how to ask a f***ing question.

You don't just go "I need help. I can't figure it out." We had trainings on this, I sat through 3 hours holding your hand to help you try and understand things.

And yet now we have scheduled another 3 hours to help you figure this out because you said you were having difficulty with it because you couldn't figure it out. How about instead of just saying you "Need help", you start by
1. Explaining what you are trying to accomplish
2. What specific issue are you facing? Is there an error message or something?
3. What have you already tried thus far that didn't work?

Instead of "I NEED HELP I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!" that is the sign of a lazy f****ing engineer, someone who doesn't want to think, who doesn't want to learn something new who wants to just coast by. Especially when this is going to become an increasingly important part of your job.

And of course you currently are still a whole job level above me because sitting around and keeping a chair warm for 10 years means you are a valuable contributor, instead of what you can actually DO!

This bugs me so much. So remember kids, when you need help, or need to ask a question, ASK IT THE RIGHT F****ING WAY!

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    Some people just give up waaaaaaay too early.
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    Or ever attempt anything
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    I'm proud of me because I handle my problem by my own, searching problems for fu****g satisfaction and also I am new in programming I think it's quite normal for other skilled programmers , is it? Or i am a bad programmer?
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    Great rant, feel this in my core.

    The short way I sometimes explain this is "I like to help people that are helping themselves", your point 3 plays into this the most, I think.

    I am prepared to invest a lot of time in trying to figure out someone else's problem if I can see that they themselves have made the same investment, but if they won't make an effort then why should I?
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    4. If your only attempt in solving your problem are thoughtless copy/paste actions from so, don't bother me
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