New office saga continues... SE1E05

I transitioned from a B2B to B2C role. Now the company and the product is entirely consumer facing.

Many or rather all are actively engineering the product to be more and more dystopian in nature.

Using concepts like FoMo, social validations, and other techniques to get users to spend more into consumerism in the name of building better experience.

It's the darkest shit I have seen so far. And this company is ethically a great one. I can only imagine how pathetic Meta and others would be.

I hate ny role. I hate how I have to do this for a living. Knowingly or unknowingly, I got myself here and absolutely hate where we are headed as a human race.

I don't like it anymore and I am only doing it as a job. No longer proud or excited of my job profile.

Fuck the impact, technology will be a catalyst for human extinction.

And with that, I found a good solution to my Mac 😏
Do check: https://reddit.com/r/Unexpected/...

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    I see this kind of stuff with Roblox with kids. I just tell them, we don't spend money on this crap. Accept it.
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    Don't hate what works.

    Also - great solution for the mac problem!
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    I remember that at my 2nd job I stumbled on some old web marketing projects they made...

    One for the sugar industry.

    I studied the ads and marketing bit more because of curiosity.

    It's amazing how people are able to mend reality into something completely different that has nothing to do at all with reality.

    Like "Taste our product - now healthier and tastier" (reworded and rephrased for the obvious reason of masquerading the company).

    Well. Yeah. It's 5 % sugar less, but still > 40 % so "healthier" has to be taken literal you mofos.

    It's really an art to turn an obvious lie into some form of "truthy" enough to be believable and sellable.

    If you want to get a more relevant and global example...

    Tobacco lobbyism, Gun lobbyism, far right press like Epoch times, ...

    If it sells, it will be marketed - no matter what, no matter how.

    Moral and ethics is completely irrelevant and that trend is more and more visible in IT, too. Sadly.
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    @Floydimus: Fake! Everyone knows that the trash can is round.
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    @Oktokolo Dustbins are flat like mac.. oh wait..
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