colleague in a planning meeting: so now it's Easter, which in Germany is public holidays on friday and monday
PM: i as a manager would find it great if there weren't any public holidays

yeah not surprised, but thank fuck you're not the one to decide that... some people are trying to have a life^^

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    However, don't rejoice too much because dancing and partying is legally forbidden today. :P
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    Corporate simping. Does the PM realize they are (probably) just a cog in the machine themself?
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    @Fast-Nop: Wait what?! Isn't Germany not one of these "religion and state are strictly separated" countries?
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    @Oktokolo Of course not. Hey, the state even deduces church tax from the income (for church members) instead of leaving it to them like all other clubs have to. Also the charity stuff like kindergarden and hospitals that are under church control: the church pays 10%, the state 90%, and the churches get 100% ideological say. Sweet, isn't it?
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    @Frederick Sure you can leave, that's what I meant with "for church members". However, the state provides the infrastructure for these clubs to gather their membership fees. All other clubs have to gather that themselves.

    Yeah, we also have the blasphemy law, though it's not really used much. One problem is that what's core belief in one religion can actually be blasphemy in another.

    It's also kinda redundant to a general incitement law that we have against hate speech anyway. This is meant to stop shit before it spirals out of control into pogromes.
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    @Frederick Well, I don't mind valuable buildings like cathedrals being supported from the tax payer. As much as I dislike Christianity, it still hurt me to see Notre Dame on fire. The Cathedral of Cologne would be as bad. Christian or not, they are a great cultural inheritage. If you read Spengler, you'll understand how their architecture ties into that culture, and only the "rendering" is Christian.

    As for the incitement law... years of targeted hate speech paved the way to the holocaust. That's what happened last time with no limits to free speech, and while later generations cannot undo what was done, they can and should prevent it from happening again. That said, misuse of that law to silence criticism is also a danger.
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    Since Friday is over: https://youtube.com/watch/... ^^
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    "i, as one of the coders of the project you manage, would find it great if you actually did your fucking management job properly which includes being aware of holidays and such and accounting for them in your time plans."
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    @Frederick like Military.
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