Idk if people noticed but Snapchat CEO allegedly said that he doesn't want to expand in poor countries like India and Spain.
Well good luck getting hatred from 1+billion people.
The rating section had a drastic increase in the 1 star rating. Damn, that's one way how to not run a business.

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    And how does snapchat gets out with a 25 billion $ evaluation at this stage of its app piracy as well idk
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    I guess he said that in 2015, but not sure
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    1 million people plus the handful of Windows Phone users!
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    It's not proven yet though. No evidence, audio or video, has been released. For all we know an angry employee said that.
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    My gosh, and Spain (my country) ranks 14th out of 211 countries on GDP. Too much for a 'poor' country, isn't it?
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