Why does no one stop the war that Russia started against Ukraine? Innocent people are constantly dying there!

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    For me, this war seemed too strange and the reasons were simulated.

    The population in Russia, as well as the world community, is being instilled with a very primitive ideology: Putin is forced to preventively send troops into Ukraine in order to rid it of Nazism and weaken the threat of NATO approaching. This is an old demagogy going back to Soviet times. But after 2014, it has been largely accepted by Russia's population - especially the provincial, older, and less educated population. Although Russia already has borders with NATO and these borders are worthless compared to the length of the borders of the Asian continent.
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    Russia is violating international law by invading Ukraine, but most people say that is the right thing to do because Putin is protecting his own, protecting Russians from genocide by Ukrainian Nazis and fascists. This thesis is extremely important, because it touches on the key points of collective identity. This is the language of the Second World War, the fight against fascism. Therefore, all militaristic symbolism - the cult of victory and the rhetoric of the victors - is included here and displaces more rational, more factual considerations, arguments and, in general, the ability to analyze. More than 80% of Russian citizens believe this rhetoric. And they don't accept any other opinion.
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    Russian propaganda works continuously and citizens believe in it and do not even check the information for accuracy. Moreover, the Russian government is still hiding from its citizens the facts about the Real Losses https://uawar.net/stats of its army. Russian censorship removes any social media mention of the dead. but at the same time, Russia is increasing the budget for military burials.

    It is still not clear to me why people endure all this and allow themselves to be deceived. And they send their children, husbands, men to kill, force and die!
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    Innocent people are constantly dying. What's unique about Ukraine is that it's an active topic of discussion and that Russia is being sanctioned. Meanwhile Palestine is still at war with Israel (courtesy of western superpowers promising the same land to two different nations), China is still genociding indigenous peoples, we only have a vague idea of what's going on in North Korea because they are hostile towards journalists and there's still a civil war in Syria. India and Pakistan aren't actually at war right now which is pretty crucial since both have nuclear weapons.
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    Why don't you stop it yourself.

    So many people are quick to demand someone fix a problem, while often unwilling to do anything about it.
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    Who is going "stop" the war? The world isn't a playground where one can tattle to the teacher to break up a fight.
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    Yeah why no one thought about stopping it? Brilliant idea. Let's go, guys, let's gooo
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    counter-question: why don't _you_?

    stopping a war isn't an easy thing, unless you consider the option "total nuclear holocaust"
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    Why do you care about it? Oh right, because it's in the news. There are plenty of ongoing conflicts you don't care about.

    I don't care for war, but I'm like 3 continents removed from this one. I'd be hypocritical to care about it when I don't care about the conflicts going on in my own country. The only way this war has an effect on me is oil prices. That's it.

    Wake up and realize your bleeding heart anti-war concerns are manufactured by the politicians who treat you like cattle.
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    Firstly it is not Russia invading Ukraine it is Putin. Many in Russia are totally against this but face imprisonment if they speak out. My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives, livelihoods snd are suffering hugely because if it on both sides of the conflict. It is always about money and power, American policy is no different to Russian policy. It is all fucked up and the notion of democracy is s complete scam worldwide.
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    @tosensei Although I do think the war could be over if about 10 people die. So stupid.
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    The world ignores the war in Ukraine. Thousands of innocent people are dying daily not only from bombs and rockets...russian soldiers (not people, but animals) rape women and children and torture them till death. The worst has already happened, what the world leaders are waiting for...
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    My bad, I didn't watch the news. Lemme give my bud Putin a call and ask to him to stop being a little shit.
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    @donex Do you even read what you type, dude? Now again, what rhetoric was it? Don't care, didn't ask.

    Well sorry (not really) that I ain't an activist, that I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the information and systematizing it, while thinking on my own. Now, even devRant can't be safe from cringe that I see on GitLab and GitHub tickets?

    @xakamo, you've got to consider the risk management before demanding it from civilians. Plus, it's not helping that everyone is pushing and giving anti-Russian pep talks from the comfort of their sofas/whatever.
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    @vintprox plenty of "activists" on devrant unfortunately. For them, it's not propaganda if it's coming from "the right side".

    Think about it from their point of view. As activists, they get off on signaling their virtue and trying to preach the good word, converting the haters and the uneducated. A platform like this one (supposedly apolitical and neutral) is a dream come true! They can be missionaries and feel oh so very important.
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    @nitnip let's say, I wasn't blind to this idea already. Thanks for demonstrating it to more readers here how pitiful virtue signalling really is.
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    Cus nuke
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    @rayninsis no, the world is not ignoring the war in ukraine.

    the world is going APESHIT about the war in ukraine - when compared to all the other wars going on all over the world which are just far enough away so europeans and north americans can afford not to give a shit. (also: most of those wars are profitable due to weapon exports, and the ukrainian war is the first one negatively impacting economy... #fckcapitalism)

    also: what's happening is no different than what's happening in every war. because people equal shit.

    also: no, the worst (namely a nuclear escalation) has NOT yet happened.
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