I am Done! I am extremely burnt out and unhappy with my work. I have been doing this professionally for over 5 years now and much longer than that unprofessionally.
This new company I joined finally gave me the salary I always dreamt of but now I am extremely unhappy and depressed and anxious all the time. And I don't like the work I am doing. I don't like the team. I hate being isolated at home for over 2 years, working from home. I had a mental breakdown in the middle of the meeting the other day. And after that, I said. that's it. I am done. So, I gave the resignation letter. I don't know what I am gonna do. But I sure as hell can't do this shit any longer. But now, the fucking hr is making it even more difficult for me by not letting me leave without serving the notice period. I told her I am on fucking medication and I am having severe mental health issues. Now, she wants to see the medical certificate. Or I have to pay two months' salary. WTF? If I had that kind of money lying around, I wouldn't have slaved myself away at your shitty company, would I?
I went to my psychiatrist whom I have been seeing consulting for the last couple of years now. I asked for a medical certificate and he thinks it'll hamper my future career. So, he said I should get a certificate from a general physician. So, that's the world we live in then? You can't even speak the truth? And the way HR is behaving over the mail makes me feel like a total slave. I mean I am not at all fit for work these days, and it feels like, if she had her way, she would tie me down to a chair and ask me to push out code. what the fucking fuck. This is some fucked up industry and I think I am finally done with software development. But now, I don't have any idea what I am gonna do with my life or how am I gonna earn money. I am so burnt out and anxious that even the thought of working again gives me panic attacks. even working from home. What the fuck do I do?

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    Depends entirely on country in my opinion.

    In countries with social welfare - take a timeout. By timeout I mean 3-6 months depending on how fucked you are.

    Find out what you like, find out what your next job should be and regenerate in this time. Look for a therapist.

    If you live in a country without welfare... A timeout will be close to impossible, unless you have some savings... try to find a mundane job and try - if payable - to find a therapist.
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    Exercise and socialize. What are your options here? Being isolated leads to mental illness as you are experiencing. Can you be around people? Find a way to do this.
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    What country do you live in?

    I've been in this boat and just never found a good place to work, but I've found them now and am super happy.

    Additionally, I got into some active hobbies, like mountain biking, four wheeling, hiking etc and endorphins really helped me!
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    We don't have social welfare. But I have been doing some introspection and I think I should take 3-6 months break and hopefully will figure out what to do next in that time. But I don't have enough savings to take time off.

    So, I am looking for a different role where I won't need to crank out code as much.
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    I have developed a bit of social anxiety being cooped up at the house for most of the time. But I do hang out with my girlfriend and friends. But that leaves me even more exhausted sometimes.

    Since I dropped the resignation letter. I have been doing nothing but playing video games to keep my mind oppcupied. All I am trying to do is not have another panic attack
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    Yeah, even though the pay is really good and what I always wanted. company culture is not at all suited for my work style.

    I think I work better with smaller startups.

    I am thinking about accepting an offer at a smaller company with almost half the salary of what I am getting here. Also, maybe working from office will help with my anxiety.
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    just stop working and they will fire you :)
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    Mental health is serious business. Do take it seriously.

    If you need less stress, you need less stress. Go live with your parents for a while if you have any, and if that's what will help you.
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