Did your company or boss ever do or say anything as a guise to make you think the company is fair or giving you more but instead was doing the opposite? For examples...

When at every company party there is a drawing with top prize an all paid with PTO exotic vacation for two and the top sales guy ALWAYS wins.

I mean really does the company think we are that dumb? It is like the time our CEO announced instead of our 8% quartly bonus if we make EBITA targets we were going to get 6% once at the end of the year. He said that was soo much better cause we would get more money on that one paycheck instead of small sums once a quarter. Think about that one.... What kind of morons does he take us for?

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    Maybe somehow the top sales guys name got put into the hat 'accidentally' more than once or maybe they were using the overpriced TSA random generator @dfox described in a post last week or maybe he was just lucky every year - 😏
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    My last role pretty much lied about all of its benefits.
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