I had a boss I hated. Couldn’t stand him. Then I got a call saying my dad had collapsed and was at the hospital. I went into his office and told him I had to go because my dad was in the hospital.

“Why are you telling me?” he said. “Get the hell out of here.”

I looked at him quite differently after that.

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    Sounds like a bamf of a boss.
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    There are jobs and bosses who don’t care and will say what do you think I pay you this much for and want to own every second of your day. I saw a TikTok where this corporate lawyer couldn’t see her dad before he died and changed her career afterwards.
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    @catgirldev Tiktok as a reliable source of information.... X for Doubt.

    Some bosses are assholes. Some are not. That guy sounds Tough but Fair.
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    what the actual f#$% society do we live in?! ..where a person's life is only worth as much as he/she generates profit?! FFFF%%%%@@@@&&&!!!
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