This thing always bugs me. What should i do totally??
I've been experimenting with all kinds of development. Web, mobile, system, desktop apps and softwares. I don't know which one i should choose as a career. I like doing everything and will code till the end of time. But, Frontend stuff, UI/UX doesn't interest me. I love writing softwares that makes things easier. Like Rails made web development easier and fun. I have been following Redox OS which is built using Rust and my interest in OS has been propelled. I have interest in cloud development too. I don't know which i should choose for my profession. I am currently a student so i have a lot of time to try everything but i don't know what i should do professionally. Any suggestions guys?

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    Just let your customers vote. Whoever gives you more silver for a given type of programming do that (given you like the type of code).
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    @kunashe you mean motivate myself with money?
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    @theothergod nah not money - more what customers are willing to pay.

    Money is a poor motivator at 2:46 am when you fixing code you'd rather having nothing to do with.
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    @kunashe yeah money never motivates. It might in other things but not in programming because it's already fun.
    You see after graduating i should apply for jobs or work remotely on something. I can't just switch jobs frequently.
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