I have got ton of great colleagues that I have worked it and consider myself very fortunate that they were hunble and patience enough to deal with me.

Having said that, it would be evident that I have gotten some great advice too. In fact those minor comments here and there made me who I am today (a much better version of my past self).

One advice that I got from my South Korean colleague, who was based in Singapore and used to collaborate with team in Pacific time (US west coast) at odd hours uptil of 12 AM almost everyday.

When I was new, she kept telling me to get enough rest and not burn myself out. In early days I was very excited about the new stuff.

She said, 'Floyd make sure you set yourself up for a marathon and not a sprint.'

Damn! That hit me hard. Not just from a professional stand point, but also from a personal perspective, I realised that I need to slow down, enjoy the details, live those moments, and let shit go.

She is one of my favourites.

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    That's a wise advice. Why wasn't she following it herself? 12 AM? That is marathon++.
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    @ZenDeskPerson good question.

    She joined the team a few months prior to me joining and realised that there was no escape from sacrificing her time.

    She already was on a lookout and quit after 2 weeks of me joining in. She now works with Apple for a senior role.
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    @Floydimus She's a wise woman, with wise advice.
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