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    I only deploy on days that end with "why".
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    This is absolutely true for large features and projects that deploy rarely.

    But for tiny releases on projects with tons of traffic (where issues are usually reported quickly) that are allowed to deploy multiple times per day it might be different.

    I used to adhere by this rule. But figured it was overkill for some public websites. If we're OK with a deploy at 3:45 PM on Mondays (when people might leave at 5PM and you have <2 hrs to detect and fix potential issues) an early Friday morning deploy gives us way more time to detect potential issues.

    It's rare to see a bug go unnoticed for 6 hours on some platforms. (unless it's a bug that takes week to discover - and by then it doesn't matter if it was deployed on a Thursday or Friday)
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    @jiraTicket If a project has reached the state in continuous development where you always deploy multiple times a day without incident, deploying on Fridays is also not a problem, but if deployment is a hard thing, yes do not deploy on the last day of the week or in the end of the day unless your deploying out of office hours.
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    Previous company:

    We don’t deploy on Fridays, if something goes bad we will have to work all weekend.

    The next Monday: we can’t deploy today we have to take care of new open tickets

    Tuesday: if we deploy now and we have problems tomorrow we will have troubles at the weekly meeting

    Wednesday: meeting

    Thursday: well today is kinda like Friday…

    Friday: it is too late we have to deploy by today, let’s do this early so that if there are problems we can fix them today

    Friday 5pm: ok deploy and hope everything is fine, remember to keep your phones turned on in case of problems

    I turned off the phone the whole weekend ๐ŸŽถ
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    @rov3rand0m Yes! Even though this was mocking an old workplace this is what can happen If you are truly forbidden from Friday deploys. Thursday becomes affected. Which can lead to Monday being backed up with stuff you wanted to roll out the previous week (on top of all new meetings which also make it a poor time to deploy) so unless Tuesday or Wednesday work you might be screwed for yet another week.
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    Too late, just pushed ;)
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    Agreed 100%.
    There is nothing worse then deploying code on fridays.
    That is why we even have a rule at the company to never deploy on friday no matter how urgent it is.
    It surely can wait one more day, and go with our regular deployments on Saturdays.๐Ÿ˜œ
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