Interveiwer: Do you like what you've learnt so far from your course in uni?

Me: sorry, but no the things they taught us were horrible and outdated and I only think of it as a legal requirement.

I'm working for his company for a year and a half now!

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    Nice. 👍😊
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    :( This actually makes me feel bad about the university you spoke of. I mean, the university where I study has awesome teachers. I thought every university about technology was at least similar.
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    @Jormungandr varies from university to university mate.
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    @Jormungandr some universities are good, but my university wasn't in terms of the material they taught us. So myself and few people I knew had to learn from external sources to do freelance work which at the end got most of us employed right after graduation.
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    @Jormungandr my uni was a mixed bag, we had some good lecturers and some outdated assignments xD, I used JOGL and the openGL which was used was pretty outdated, it was fun though, we had an awesome lecturer for it.
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