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    A pointer shit storm? 😂
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    One's easy to use and the other is Hell.
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    @soolkiki I see what you did there 😂
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    Yay and nay
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    I have no clue what a Linked List is. ( if it even is any different)
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    @meesk it seems you lack some fundamentals :)
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    @meesk it is one way to structured your data. In array we have index to point specific array. In linked list, it has pointers, a lot of pointers, where the pointer will point to another pointer to the data.
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    @rezadhah Maybe associative array rings a bell instead?

    I haven't actually heard the term linked list, although I understood it (Not exactly magic, no)
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    you shouldn't be in the interview if you don't know this one.
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    @KnightsOfCode how about a forward-only reader like maybe a cursor on a database? Grantes, you probably haven't seen the actual code of the reader/cursor, but still.... :)
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    @SpectralKH not true.

    Linked list is a data structure where each node has a pointer for the next one. Single linked lists are forward only, double linked lists have pointer for previous node so can iterate both directions.

    You shouldn't implement assoc arrays with linked lists as you'll get O(n) to get the node.

    Basically, pointer hell.
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    @juzles Yeah, figured it out shortly after posting :/
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