Since I quit binge-eating sugary stuff, my body became capable of feeling true hunger. Not in my stomach, as that kind of feeling in my body is probably fucked up forever, but in my head.

When I feel hungry, it’s probably too late. This is exactly what I feel:
- dizziness
- FOV slightly decreases
- tunnel vision, things in peripheral vision become blurry and obscure. I “see” them, but my brain doesn’t process them quite as good
- colors become less saturated
- it’s very difficult to combine and analyse multiple concepts to derive a conclusion, basically the thing I do at work that wins me bread
- thought process becomes “single-threaded”. I can follow just one thought at a time and cannot go deeper than 3-4 levels, my brain just drops it by making the whole thought feel like some kind of slimy clay that cannot be comprehended, let alone expressed with words
- difficult to express thoughts with language, I have hard time talking, especially explaining
- want to sleep, but can’t, as brain is frantically trying to stay awake

It’s probably the mechanism developed evolutionary. That single thread remains active at all costs to allow me to find food, and brain doesn’t let me sleep, as it thinks if I fall asleep I’ll die. It’s amusing to see my brain actively killing thoughts that are not “important”, I feel like a real-time OS or an Erlang application. Perhaps thinking is really a very costly process in terms of how much energy it takes.

When I finally eat something, especially if it’s a proper meal, I feel a very pleasant sensation, probably it’s my brain telling me “thank you”, releasing dopamine to actively reinforce that “finding food is a very very good thing and it’s very important”. FOV pops back into place, peripheral vision becomes clean and sharp, thoughts awaken, eager to occupy all the treads that became available.

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    I'm prone to superficus even though I'm not autistic, I regularly experience this with thirst.
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    Yes, evolutionary...

    Or low blood pressure
    Or diabetes
    Or any other reason
    Or high caffeine levels
    Or dehydrated

    I never felt dizzy when hungry, even when I stopped eating bread and sweets. I wouldn't just take it lightly if takin out something from your diet nakes you dizzy
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    @kiki if humans naturally felt dizzy after 5 hours of not eating then that's a pretty stupid Evolution branch
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    @kiki you made it about race, not me.

    Just saying, don't mis-interpret symptoms as evolution just in case you might actually need medical aid. 5hrs of hunger is literally nothing. People do 24hrs of fasting as a life Style and many religions incorporate diets and fasting as well... 5hrs? That should be Nothing for a healthy human
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    @kiki priority scheduling is happening. Finding food process has a higher priority. All other processes are premptied. And also the finding food process is stealing pages from the work process.

    The way we have designed operating systems goes back to human being nature.
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    @KenyanDux yes, that's what I'm talking about! I'm really amused by how that works and how the principles we have in modern IT are also found in nature
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    @kiki We cannot separate nature from nature because the processor is built using silicon. Silicon is physical. Therefore computers are natural, so is software.

    The fact that 3D games and 3D games technology have improved that they are close to giving a realistic experience poses a philosophical question.

    How did God create man in his own image?
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    I didn’t quit binge eating.
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