Need to get some of your opinions about computer. I have always been using IBM/Lenovo or HP with Windows as operating system, due to work needs and policies. But, this weekend I purchased a new apple MacBook Air, and I want to know what you think about my choice. It is just for personal use, so I will continue to use my hp with win10 at work (needed for the erp system I'm consulting).
I choose MacBook Air as my personal computer because I think the hardware and chassi is a bit more premium to a pretty low cost, looking on hp or Lenovo with the same class of chassi and build is at least 150% more expensive. Let me know your comment :)

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    I think it's a good choice. MacBook Air as you say is premium without the premium price tag and I think it's generally good build quality and has a battery to choke a horse. Not on par with the t560s battery but who cares at a certain point. Good Linux or Mac machine.
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    Its 2 years old now and i think apple have scrapped them, or at least they are about to. However Mac OS is a joy, and pretty solid, stuff just works. What are you going to use it for? I use mac for web dev, and graphics work. Always used mac,bought a pc once for browser testing, mainly i.e. That ended in recycling, you just get pissed off maintaining fucking windows instead of actually working and earning some money.
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    apple is big no. everything is wrong there. i guarantee you will agree.
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    @helloworld it doesn't matter that it's discontinued right? I have a MacBook Pro that's so old it's pre unibody, and I'm running sierra and happy as a stick with it.
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