Kids these days and their ultrasonic scalpels. Back in _my_ day, we were doing sugreries with _real_ scalpels made of bare metal. Who cares that ultrasonic ones are way less invasive and it heals faster! If you’re using an ultrasonic scalpel, you’re not even a real surgeon. What’s next? Computer does a surgery for you while you wiggling around the controllers? WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS ALREADY BEING DONE!? What happened to this country!

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    Look at you, @kiki, complaining about ultrasonic scalpels using bare metal scalpels. What a casual.

    Back in MY times we used smooth rocks. Low chances of survival, meaning you had to be a real though and not a whimp, extremely inexpensive, & you get a cool scar.

    Get real 😎
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    @piratefox you are like a caveman. Look at you. In _my_ days, we used obsidian razors. But the lost art is lost, and here you are, resorting to rocks.

    What’s the difference between America and yoghurt? If you leave yoghurt for 200 years, it’ll develop a culture.
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    @kiki grrr shiny black rock makes volcano god angy (it is a volcano dog, so no “angry”), you use the forbidden tools! You are condemned to the curse of UwU. May the volcano dog have mercy for your soul.
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    @kiki: Properly knapped flint works just fine too.
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