I get a call from a client at 7 PM:
- Client: We have a business partner that just visited the website you just made for us and he said it was absolutely terrible, things are not showing up, layout is all messed up... *sends photo*. This is a VERY important new business partner and this will affect our relationship and image. Fix it NOW!
- Me: ok? I will check ... *proceed to check on several browsers and versions*
- Me: I checked on all modern browsers, cleaned cache, tried from multiple devices, it seems to be fine. What browser is your partner visiting the site from?
- Client: Idk, let me ask ...
- Client: Internet Explorer
- Me: ... that browser is not even supported anymore wth?!
- Client: We need it fixed!
- Me: ... *proceeds and hacks for IE website until 6 AM*

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    Aside from professionality, couldn't you do something like


    <!-- if lt IE 11>
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content=0; url=https://google.com/chrome" />
    <endif -->
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    "support for discontinued, legacy browsers that were already awful at their zenith costs extra."
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    My condolences. I do not always freelance but when i freelance I put exact browser versions which will be supported in the contract.
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    @melezorus34 that would be confusing. I prefer detecting the browser and posting something "your browser is not supported please choose one of these awesome browsers"
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    @NemeXis seems like you got the idea, go go go 😂
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    Just show some shady ads and pop-ups for IE. Or he won't feel truly comfortable.
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    @hjk101 provide a toolbar! everybody needs a toolbar, you know?
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