The best thing you did in an interview,that may be got you selected?

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    Good to know for young programmers, subbing too
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    Spent most of the interview talking about hobby projects and how I analyzed/solved problems.

    Just be extremely passionate about your work and tell them why you think what you did is awesome.
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    Someone already mentioned personal projects (which are fantastic and can really set you apart), so I'll give something else.

    What helped me was being able to talk honestly about failure and what I learn from it. A common interview question is something like "tell me about a time you were in charge of a team". And I tell them honestly about my experience as project manager on my senior project and the many mistakes I made doing it. Importantly though, I talk about how I learned from those mistakes and the ways I won't make them again now that I've learned.

    You get to take your mistakes and make them positive. It can also help the interviewers relate, since it's likely they've made the same mistakes.

    Other than that, just try your best to relax and be personable.
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    Brought cookies
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    give epic nostalgia with "i watched that sports game with my dad when i was 6 years old, my dad cried when our team won" kind of story
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    @yugi what was the question?
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    @calmyourtities thanks for tagging me ;)
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    Talked about how their current website is a sack of sweaty balls and that i can do better within 3 weeks. started work the next week and every top management guy knew that they were getting a new website. long story short, the website won an award and it took me 2 months to build!
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