I see you worked for 5 years at xyz and you used c# but your CV says you used other technologies like sql and you did testing.. So how much of your time was spent writing c#?

Most of the time.. Maybe 60%.

Ok, let me work that out... ok I will put down that you have 3 years c# experience.

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    Numbers... so fucking important.
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    ++ for literally making me laugh out loud. XD
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    He is actually correct, people tend to exaggerate on their experience and it's easier to recruit when the candidate is honest about it
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    You newbie! 3years experience only 😒
    I hope u don't work for them now 😔
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    I'm surprised he didn't substract your days off
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    and sleep time, and food time, and travel time. calculate about 3 hours of pure coding time per day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year (holidays and stuff), for 5 years, at 60%. ~3.1 months of experience in c# total.
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    @magicMirror I count project time by hours, why not just give the interviewers that?
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    @matanl I usualy calculate from the "hello world".
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    So you are a recruiter? How much time do you spend interviewing candidates instead of harassing random developers by mail or phone? Oh only about 40percent? Well well well..
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