Worst: The guy gave me 5 minutes to code a given assignment on paper. I did all the logic and told him I was missing a function whose name I would just Google. He told me I can't always Google. Well... I won't be coding on paper either.

Best: I was given the assignment to clone a part of a production site. Assignment was intended for 3 days and I was given 5 hours. Completition wasn't important, only structure and coding style counted. I cloned everything and even added new features.

You just can't always be in the zone. I hope more interviewers would take that into account and design better questions.

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    Or even better, stop second guessing or demanding that a need to prove ones skills during interviews when you've got a number of years or completed jobs already behind you, I mean what? Your faked all those jobs? I guess I faked my ten year old svn-to-git repository I linked you too as well, then you wanna ask me to sit in an interview and code a fucking quicksort, fuck this shit
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    @chrisalexthomas This This this
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    @chrisalexthomas that moment your little brother touches your phone and in your half awareness you just keep tapping continue and accidentaly report a cooment. Im sorry
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    @AllenII no worries mate! I'm sure nothing bad will happen
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