We receive an email from Splunk when errors go above a certain threshold, and a particular service has been especially problematic this week (throwing hundreds of exceptions). Email response from the team mgr responsible for the service.

"We are working to address these errors. We don’t currently have a way to prevent a user who’s account is locked from logging into the service and performing work."

The exception? NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

The code? (paraphrasing)

var user = GetUser(request.Login);
if (user.CanPerformWork) ...


I'm doing my best not to reply .."Really? No way? You do realize we can read code, right?"

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    Thats looks complicated to fix!
    Login is complicated! Who trust the logs anyways! We are really busy!

    Just escalate, until someone high enough tells them to get thier shit in a box, and leave.
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    you should have just replied with a fix and attached an invoice for "Feature added: ability to prevent a locked account from making changes"
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    A single fucking if-clause.
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