New office stories during the emotional turmoil...

Story 1: The creepy fuck

So being unaware of the fact that I was connected with this guy on LinkedIn already.

Ron walks upto my desk and greets me on my first day on floor. Weird, but whatever.

I politely interact, because gotta make friends and create my following to get shit done.

The next day, randomly comes asking for a laptop sticker and I am like WTF! He is like sticker was an excuse, I just wanted to say Hi!


Day 3: same random creep shit. Talks about personal topics and invades personal space uninvited.

Day 4: Keeps starring at me while I ignore and judges me evidently with stupid suggestions on how to exist without being asked for.

Fuck this guy.

Story 2: The classic case of Dunning Kruger effect

So I get introduced to my tech team today and everyone start piling on me to guide them on decision making. The CTO creates a Slack thread with me and Co-founder asking me to get things moving on priority.

The co-founder shut him out right away. Fucking hilarious.

But, a retard starts schooling me on how to use Slack. Lmfao.

Me being polite, said I'll follow.. dude starts bragging on how he wrote company policy to get everyone on Slack yada yada..

To be honest, the Slack experience is beyond broken based on what these idiot has setup.

He literally opened my Slack and responded to the CTO thread.

That's where I got pissed. I upfront told him that hey! Calm your tiddies down. I know how to use Slack. I have used it since it was in the beta.

I have been in much much mucy bigger orgs and places more well structured than what you have here.

I told him on his face what the flaws where and how I felt a downgrade from where I am coming from.

The look on his face was priceless and he started sweating. Lol

Never again he'll school anyone.

I mean I understand if you are humble and genuinely guiding a new hire. But being cocky unnecessarily and shoving things down my throat without yourself knowing shit or know about the other person is purely asshole move.

Anyway, I am still upset about the scam. Fuck this world.

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    story 1 got me afraid to chip in but ... that was kind of rash of you with guy number 1. onto story 2: there are easier, nicer, routes to get your way than putting on the dont-fuck-with-me I'm dangerous mask, I'd just keep that part for emergencies, I mean, when time comes I'd need to get into a bar fight or something, it's nice to have the surprise element.
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    @bigmonsterlover lol yes, I suck at mystery.
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    @Floydimus wow, you do o.O and very straightforward also. I'm more like the peace-and-love dude who suddenly takes a swing at the manager in the parking lot
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    Fuck everyone, honestly.
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    The slow fight allow you to change the opponent's perspective and win both for your cause and for your team, which in turn give you more resources and help you to grow and better your self. I'm glad to hear they appreciate your knowledge 🤗 but be careful not to end up as the cocky guy
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    @bigmonsterlover lol not sure whether that was sarcasm or real.

    @Hazarth This guy knows

    @prodigy214 LMAO I told this story to my new boss and he was smirking.

    @hubiruchi True, not be cocky. People say that find me approachable and I am often friendly unless provoked. At times, I feel some people need to be shown their place, most of the times, I just ignore and let their stupidity teach them.
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    @Floydimus yeah, but most of the time it is more effective to undermine a person's overconfidence slowly
    P.s. good night
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    @Floydimus that's unfortunately "for real" when my ADHD gets the best of me.... thankfully people at work are very kind and understanding in not triggering me although I think it's because thread monkeys are still very rare nowadays and they may consider me valuable 😐
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