Sales: "There is a problem in complicated feature A, in a client system!
Dev: "What is the problem"
Sales: "I don't know exactly"
Dev: "which client system? What version is installed?"
Sales: crickets.
Dev: "Do you a Jira ticket, or an email with more details?"
Sales: "It is urgent that we fix the problem ASAP!"
Dev: "what problem"
Sales: "The problem! I talked to the VP RnD, So he can make sure you are on it!"
Dev: "What exactly do you me to fix"
Sales: "The Problem!"

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    ID10T or PEBKAC?
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    Not his fault. Well... kinda. The RnD managment style is "Drip Down PEBKAC". They let the sales guys panic, and annoy the devs, While holding the required information in thier Email inboxes.
    And devs have no access to clients production systems, and Sales are always half drunk....
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    Like a random guy somehow being both a PM and customer support getting at my colleague's desk to tell him: "Customer is telling us <insert project> is not working. Please fix it. Good luck with that."

    Btw no idea why this guy was both PM and customer support, but I'd say a mildly rotten mango would be as competent.
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    The problem has been fixed. Of course you can mean an entity different problem like being thirsty. That is the advantage of unspecified crap. It goes both ways
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    It's hard. They think we are wizards and sorcerers.
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    Sometime ago, we got an priority 0 issue, saying the system was inacessible and they need to do stuff to close the month.
    We asked for more info, screenshots, video, anything. Because we opened in our side and everything seems okay.

    We got in a call with them... they were using Internet Explorer.
    We said to use anything but IE, everything was fine and working.

    Me:"Issue was solved. They were using an old browser that we don't support"

    Sales:"You were fast. Don't forget to add the changes you made in the system and open a problem ticket"

    Me:"We didn't do any change. We only said to use a modern browser"

    Sales:"But how can we prevent to not happen again?"

    Me: "We can't. But in contract we have the supported browser clause."
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    Update on the thing that caused sales to annoy me:
    Bug found on 1st of month in stage system. fixed, tested, and closed on the 6th. on the 24th ops installed bad version on client staging...

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