So for everyone looking for a job, that keeps getting rejection or crickets I'll give you the following tip.

Most of the first level screen of resumes are done by automated machines that are basically just doing keyword matching. So if you want your resume to get through more of these automated scanners, what you do is create a second page on your resume and cram it with every keyword, and buzzword you can thinking of, like "10 years react experience." "20 years java architect", "AR/VR 5 years", "15 years mobile", etc ,etc.

Then select the text and change it to white. No human being will see it, but the automated scanners will and rocket you to the top of the list.

Your welcome. Now help me get my penguin!

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    I just have 1 question. How can I get a penguin?
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    Damn dude, I'm using this one. 20 years React experience for hire here!
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    is this for real??
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    no need for buzz words: just copy & paste the entire job posting as white text
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    @NemeXis yep it is although a lot of ATS systems also take placing into account.
    If you do more effort you can incorporate the job posting in your actual CV text.
    Just look up the beating ats tips on Google.
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    Stupid bot, here is some Keywors Salat.

    Create a list of every Technologie ever created, and append it to the document.

    Keyword stuffing for the win
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