whose idea was it to give the business major access to the database? we have one thousand tables that do the same thing or absolutely nothing, everything is badly named, and THE GRAMMAR

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    I just found this out for myself this week.

    I cannot fucking understand how anyone calling themselves a developer could be so inept to not just duplicate tables, but quadruple them.

    It's all cloud based so the extra tables are costing thousands of dollars a month.
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    "And god said:
    - Hire a DBA."
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    "And management said:
    That's not in the budget."

    I do agree though, it's the clear solution to the problem.
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    @sariel Sadly when on "low budget" we never seems to focus on getting rid of non-important and expsensive management instead of saving on something that will save the company in the long run, if you think more than 5 minutes ahead.
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    @sariel not actually a budget problem, just a management one. me and my colleague are responsible for the database, but only on paper. too many people have access and they haven't revoked those yet for "delivery speed sake". I'm cleaning everything up now so we can comply to the company's standard. that means everything that runs atop our servers will have to be rewritten to work with a compliant database 🤡
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    @darksideofyay the true mark of a Sr dev is bending the will of "compliance" to suit your needs.
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