Somehow my audible (Amazon audible app on smartphone) account was accessed and payments were made for it's membership without my knowledge. I have already emailed a complaint to audible. What more precautions can I take (for my Android device or Windows laptop) to ensure that such cyber thefts don't occur in future?

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    Its a subscription service, cancel your subscription? I doubt anything malicious has occurred.
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    @helloworld well I hadn't entered the bank details. But when I got the debit message, I checked the app and opened my account settings and all my bank details were already there.
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    @slobber is it nit billed through your amazon account credentials? Its an amazon product, i have amazon video and music and thats all billed through my amazon credentials. I don't understand why it would have separate details stored.
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    @helloworld I haven't used any Amazon products in my life. I haven't made transactions on Amazon or through any other Amazon services. This is the first incident and I'm confused.
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    @slobber you and me both!
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