So how many people actually understand the purpose of rubber duck debugging?

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    Squeezing the damn life out of it. Am I right?
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    Pre devRant, I had never heard of it before. I understand the concept, but have yet to do it myself.
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    You don't actually have to talk to a duck, but you *can* often figure out your problem by explaining your code to someone/something else.
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    @OfficerHalf I usually talk to myself (my actual self, not a rubber duck that's actually myself in reality) and it works well enough.
    One just needs to understand that explaining helps you figure it out regardless of whether someone is listening.
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    @Bikonja yep, that's exactly it. It's the same reason I often answer my own question when writing a stack overflow question.
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    My sister (studying math) is doing it with me being the duck...

    "brother please come to me and help me by listening to my problem and/or solution . Don't worry, you don't have to actually understand or respond (but still feel free to do so). I just need someone to talk to.
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    Obviously, it's to post pictures on devRant. Duh 🙄
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