!rant Yesterday, I picked up a plate with a single fork on it and managed to drop the fork in such a way that it landed on my foot and drew blood.

How y’all doing?

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    Mate, how is that "!rant" ?! If that happened to me I'd be ranting about it for weeks.

    I've only stubbed my toe today so far, so good by comparison.
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    In every household I ever called my home, I chipped at least one good knife by dropping it towards my foot such that my one reflex was to jump in a wide stride before it hits the ground.
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    @AlmondSauce LOL I was like “Eh, it’s not really a tech rant, so I don’t know if I’m going to get growled at for abusing the tagging system again” 😂

    But yeah, I was pretty ranty at the time. When I loudly questioned what even is the likelihood of a fork falling in such a way as to cause injury of this sort, my husband offered to drop many a fork on my feet to test it for science. I was tempted out of scientific curiosity but declined out of a disinclination toward further bloodshed.
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    @AmyShackles Tagkeeping is childish, the only variant I find legitimate is when memes copied from reddit are posted under rant because the poster can't be assed to click a button.
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    i've learned to reliably draw blood from the feet of the giant guarding Stormveil gate, with my bloodhound fang fork, so i'm doing pretty well, thank you for asking :)
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    Achievement unlocked. Now you have to repeat that fifty times for silver and another hundred times for gold. But even if you don't, you still got an achievement only very few players even know about...
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    My wife dropped her phone on her toe nail and it has had a black spot for like 4 months.

    You are not alone in your gravity + mundane object + clumsiness = ultimately minor but much more severe than expected injury.
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    Cookware rebellion immenced 😱
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