So I've seen people post pictures of what their setups look like but i havent seen anyone post about what software they use, I was wondering what peoples software setup was like in terms of operating systems, window managers and programs that you use to develop/ help develop and whatever else you might use.
I personally use ubuntu with i3 as a window manager, atom as a text editor and of course terminal and google.

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    Welcome! Here's your first ++.

    CentOS 7 with Gnome
    Windows 10
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    Thanks! 😃

    What are the specific uses of these operating systems, both for different programing or something else entirely?
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    CentOS to keep my Linux skills up, and Windows 10 for gaming. I use Windows 7 and RHEL 6 (CLI only) at work as a Dev DBA (Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server).
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    Ubuntu / i3 / and visual studio code.

    Oh. And windows 10 for gaming
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    Arch with i3-gaps here.
    vim as text editor.
    Bonus : my config file ->
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    Arch with Gnome shell.

    Tilda (dropdown terminal) with tmux. Oh my zsh for the shell.

    Vim with lots of plugins for editing.
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    Win7 and I will put a RemixOS next to it. I use Atom as text editor and I use Visual Studio 2017 and Android Studio. I really like the MetroUI in Win8.1 so I made one in Win7. I use that every time. I made it and I like it. This not happens every day.
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    Win7 / win10 / deepin
    Idea / notepad :)
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    Using Mac OS Sierra / intellij idea / iterm (fish as shell)
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    Arch with KDE, Atom as editor. Ohmyz.sh as a shell. Chromium for web. Rambox for slack/rocketchat/webmail/etc.
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    Windows 10 at home on my gaming machine, macbook pro 13" 2016 with el capitan at work, using Atom, mamp pro and terminal, fork is my git gui of choice (because source tree isn't really supported by atlassian any more) 😎😎
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    ++ for Google :P
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    1. Win 10, Chrome, Sublime, Git, Putty

    2. Linux, no GUI
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    I use OS X with Atom as my text editor. And IntelliJ Idea as my IDE.
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    - 10
    - Office package from college
    - UxStyle for third party themeing
    - Eclipse for Java, VS17 Community for other things

    - Arch with GRUB, sometimes rEFInd
    - i3 or i3 gaps
    - Thunar file explorer
    - dmenu for apps
    - chrome for lazy setup, Firefox for good setup
    - all kinds of crazy hacks to make spotify work
    - vim for basic editing, eclipse for Java / the C's
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    Ubuntu Unity
    Sublime Text / Atom
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    @sovietspy2 man I would love to use deepin if only it was Ubuntu based.
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    - OS X
    - Xcode
    - Google Chrome
    - iTerm2
    - Z shell
    - Homebrew
    - Sublime Text
    - Android Studio
    - Charles Proxy
    - Postman

    Dark Mode & Solarized Dark theme on all most of the tools
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    @KylePiira it was for a while but not anymore :) Why would u prefer ubuntu based distro over debian based?
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    @sovietspy2 mostly because of ppas and because I typically use Ubuntu server on AWS so it's nice to have the same repositories with all the same packages. Not that I have anything against Debian and it's repos are pretty similar.
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    Wow so many i3 users!
    I also use Arch (manjaro) with i3, with xfce4 stuff. For programming : emacs and NetBeans.
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    Atom for general editing. JetBrains IDEs for a a lot of my dev.
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    Lubuntu ♥️, VS code and javascript foro building tv apps 🤙
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    Linux Mint for Building Android

    Win10 for:
    3D Modelling
    Programming python

    Kali Linux VM for
    Doing other stuff
    Going through the Book black hat python

    Also win10,win7 and Linux mint VMs incase I need them

    Sublime Text ftw
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