First day of work. I would think that the company would have prepared a bloody workstation for me but hey, didn't think much of it. Only spent about 15 fucking minutes finding the right computer to give me.

Next, I had to open visual studio 2013 to set up (I meditated the night before for this). It then gave the usual "This may take a few minutes" bullshit message. That message appeared at 0900. It is now 0930. 30 BLOODY FUCKING MINUTES!! At the 15th minute mark, I decided to check the computer's properties, wondering why it was taking its sweet ass time. I couldn't believe my bloody, fucking, god-given eyes. 4GB OF FUCKING RAM INSTALLED ON A FUCKING 32-BIT WIN7 OS! AND ONLY 2.99GB IS USABLE!! HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO DEVELOP WITH THAAAAAT???? CHROME TAKES UP LIKE ALL OF THAT!! &#;?@,×&@@&*×,×&;÷*÷, EID MWMALWMDNLWKSNSKSKDKKEMSKAKASLSMDBDNSNMSM


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    Other devs don't have this issue?
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    @A-0-C Nope. I am the only temp staff there. The permanent staff work in a separate area.
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    @TheAsianDev they should get you sorted quickly. Give them some time.
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    "I meditated the night before for this."
    I lost it at that😂
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    It took 4 work days to get my (used) laptop. :D
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    Eh, mistakes happen
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    They told me that if I don't like it, I can bring my own workstation to work

    That's the kind of shitty attitude some people have.

    Good luck man. Hope you get a decent pc.
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    Go to the perms and have a laugh at it. With any luck, the perms will be laughing about it as someone walks by and you'll get a change of stations.
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    I had a similar experience. I asked to work with my notebook instead
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    At my primary job, they issue laptops to us and replace them every 2 years or so. That usually means a (perhaps minor) upgrade... But _this_ cycle it is actually a downgrade. So, I still haven't accepted mine.

    So, now I'm getting in trouble for not setting up a meeting to turn in my "old" (better) hardware for the "new" (crappy) hardware.

    Welcome to the machine.
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    When I started (not a Dev job. it is media design) the first workstation I got had 64 GB RAM and they asked me if that was enough lol
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