Dear designers,
Your job is to design not to overthink and overcomplicate a simple feature

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    It's a byproduct I guess, you cannot avoid it.
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    I feel the same way, as if they cannot just pick the most obvious and simple solution but have to change it some way as if someone pays them per change.

    But hey I guess people feel the same way about us coders when refactoring code. "It works, stop messing with it" is probably what the designer is thinking.
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    But you can't make an interface "clean" and "modern" without hiding all the useful features behind 30 clicks! /s
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    @arcadesdude different types of users expect different levels of complexity, which is why knowing your target audience is so important.

    Customers used to full control are going to expect it. Like dwarf fortress players for example. Would it be safe fortress with simplified or less powerful controls?
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    @Wisecrack the /s was there but there is a trend towards only one interface which is for the lowest common denominator. The dumbed down experience that hides all the options behind multiple clicks seems to be a trend I suppose for cost reasons. Basically it's been a steady decline since 2010 or so.
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    @arcadesdude I see that trend too, and I think its lead to lower long term engagement.

    After long enough people encounter edge cases and expect more control


    "Safe fortress"

    Autocorrect, lol.
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