i want to end it

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    Don't let the devil win.

    You are more important than you know.
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    outlive your enemies
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    Hey, if you go now, you might totally miss out on an actual thermonuclear war! Surely, you don't want to risk that...
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    Life can be a bummer, in fact it is: we are thrown stone after stone, but it is still a travel I suggest you walk, for walking on the road you are inspiring others (as you are a positive influx), and others will help you back, sooner or later! In addition to this, despite all that happened, you managed to get here, you are stronger than you realise!

    Don’t throw it all away and show your oppressors (as per what you wrote before) they were wrong by living a nice life! Cause you can, even if in this moment you may doubt it!
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    Had that same feeling this week regarding project I am working on in addition of the pressure client is putting on my whole team!

    Fucking xml forms!
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    @Frederick Probably both. On one hand, shroom clouds and nucular weapons in general are just so beautiful. But on the other hand, war doesn't come without pain and suffering. And thermonuclear war is even worse - especially if you survive...
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    @kiki, the world is better with you IN the world. Seriously, you are smart, thoughtful, and you are kind. Not very many people really have that going for them. I was amazed when you found the connection of between a childhood virus and bipolar from that Japanese doctor. Very little of western medicine even cares to learn about that. I asked my doctor about it and he didn't have a clue.

    I don't know what you believe, but I have been thinking of you and praying for you this weekend. I sincerely hope you find what you need to face your demons and conquer them. I am in your corner buddy. You are truly important and bring value to those around you. God I am sorry if this sounds like some lame mission statement.

    God bless.
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    @Demolishun thank you 🙏 I missed this beautiful message somehow. I’m here to undo the injustice.
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