I don't know if I can be developer anymore. After I went to high school (one of the best in Poland) everything seems to collapse. My grades are poor. Especially on math and physics, but surprisingly everything Computer Science related is better than average. I also know how to code and I don't struggle with math used while programming. Heck, I even made my first game at the age of 10 in Visual Basic. I just love programming, computer science, etc, but after I went to high school I just don't know anymore...

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    Well, if you really want to be a developer (software engineer?) You can be one. Maybe get some experience working at a company or something to get some motivation. I don't know how school systems work in Poland, but there should be a solution right if you want to..
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    You definitely can be a developer. Just keep asking "how do I do dat"
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    @kunashe I'm doing that. When I use software or play game I even analyze how I would the same function
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    You don't need a comp sci degree, study history, work on side projects and just apply for jobs after you graduate.

    Not everyone can do Calculous...
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    saaame :'/
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