Is it possible to buy clothes nowadays and not look like a teenager ffs!!

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    Not really but ok.

    Elaborate on why its hard? like what do you define as teenager look lol
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    yeah I feel you. I always err on the side of homeless-looking over teenager-looking just to be safe. then again I havent bought clothes since 2016 probably! it works itself out
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    90% of my clothes I either inherited from my dad or bought from a single retro boutique chain, I don't really give a fuck about trends and my favourite clothing item is a pale yellow corduroy jacket. I've been called lots of things but teenager isn't one of them.
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    All jeans are slim, WTF?
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    @aviophile Cargo pants! They got of lots of pocket space and come in all sizes and styles.
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    I wear lots of plaids. I finally bought jeans (not skinny). First time in 30 years. Used to wear dockers all the time. I literally felt scummy when wearing the jeans at first.

    I dunno, what do the youngsters wear these days? Is it all skinny jeans?
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    @Demolishun Loose jeans are great, they're practically unbreakable, warm enough for the winter with thick socks but airy enough for the summer, and wear just makes them a different style rather than ugly or unusable.
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    Easy af, come down to Texas, and dress like a cowboy. No one will look at you funny, even if you work at the top of a skyscrapper, on an office job, in Dallas. Because it is Texas, people can unironically walk around looking like a cowboy and ain't shit they can do or say about.

    Maybe howdy, but das it
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    @Stuxnet fight me bish
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    You buy clothes?!

    I get pretty much all mine free from conferences. Just have 1 suit and beyond that, only thing I need to buy is underwear and shorts.
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    @AleCx04 this but id suggest knowing the difference between felt and straw season to avoid pissing the blowhards off. Or know the difference and ignore it lol
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