So I bought an expensive Bluetooth Arc mouse from Microsoft to use with my work pc which is an HP EliteBook running Windows 7 Pro. The HP installs the drivers but the mouse will not work come to find out later that model of HP pretty much does not work with any Bluetooth device. So to make sure the mouse is fine, I try it on my MacBook pro and in about 15 seconds it's up and running.
I have an Apple mouse already so I give the mouse to my wife and she has a Lenovo laptop running the latest Windows 10. Takes forever for the mouse to install and right after I get a driver error. To cut a long story short I had to install an app from the Windows store to make it work. 15 seconds on a Mac versus at least half an hour on Windows to install a Microsoft mouse.

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    Never had such a problem. Plugged in, ready in 3 seconds. Any fucking USB mouse ever.
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    And my PC also works with Bluetooth mouses ^^
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    well sometimes price isn't a guarantee of quality.
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    @filthyranter usually that is the case but not this mouse on this laptop on this version of Windows - and if you know anything about computers or software it is never ever ever 100%
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