If you know haskell, you know the pain of learning Monads, functors and applicatives, especially when coming from imperative background.

But this guy filtered out all the witchfuckery out of this seemingly complex subject. And there are pictures.


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    This one made my day xD
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    'Witchfuckery' 😂
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    Good stuff. Even Learn You A Haskell's chapters on Functors, Applicatives and Monads are with pictures. Uncannily though, very similar pictures.

    There is also Brian Beckman's Don't fear the Monad. Its a Youtube video[1] where he explains very simply and logically. It's not some monkey, banana, box analogy; it takes the more straightforward mathy approach. But its not difficult at all to understand. He does a very good job of keeping it simple and logical. Recommend it strongly to check it out.

    [1] https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @rayanon I followed 'The craft of Functional programming' which explained Monads in a very textbook kind of way(straightforward is the term maybe) and I had to look for something better. Although I do think these two sources complement each other, as knowing Monads from the book strengthened my understanding when I looked at the boxes and other pretty pictures.

    PS: It's an old book, maybe that's why it doesn't have applicatives and functors.
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    @rayanon Also, thanks for the video!
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    I have a hard time in imperative language.
    Just the line "a = a + 1" or some abbreviation of it just makes no sense.
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