Aaagh...... 2022 this year has been shity for real..
So its now 1 year and I've been a fullstack developer for this mid tech company as the only developer

so I've been trying to get these guys to hire a second developer. and try to also upgrade equipment and these guys didnt even bother to attend to my requests and during my evaluation meeting on friday these guys where down my neck about why projects are taking time to complete i MEAN WTF!!!!! told them its bcoz Im a 1 man army and most of the times Im chocked with the "any other duty" thing and how tha fuck do they expect them projects to be done on time
I'm the only developer some times i get sick 2weeks and where i left off is were i continue from and thats 2 weeks work of progress down the drain
I'm so fucking pieced off ryt now I feel like droping this shity job and find a much better organization
they want me to build them a developer department and they dont even equip me with the necessary tools to do so WTF do they think they are doing they think they know better than me?
so let them build their fucking dev department without me
this has been a fucking stressful experiance
wrote them a later to hire a second developer
I dont fucking care how they are going to do it
contracting or an internal dev if they dont in the next 3 months I fucking leaving this shit

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    Sounds horrible. You need to get out of there ASAP
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    Maybe ask what do they need to start the development department. Is it a report? A plan? A routemap? I think you have the opportunity to become a manager or a director.
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    The opportunity for you to head your dept is there .. but you need to be strategic of how you will do it throw in deliberately things while you work come up with things you can achieve if you had a team am sure they wud listen .. also business love graphs and pie charts lol
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    Yeah I wouldn’t aspire to be head of an IT department in a company that does not want to provide the most basic stuff. It’s going to be a permanent uphill battle for whoever is willing to take on that role
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    @john-doe Yeah sounds logical and I'll take that advice
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    @black-kite that's my fear as well that if i take the role and seeing how they seem not to have much interest in it....its like they are just doing a big experiment to see how it goes
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    Yeah, leave!
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