- looking for a specific device in a single e-shop
- browse the listings of available SKUs
- find the one I want, buy it

And after I buy it, for some reason ad services think I need another one (or perhaps several other ones) from the same shop, as they keep showing me ads with the part I've purchased. And this goes on for weeks...

Talk about AI and clever advertising algorithms........

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    I have this problem with Amazon all the time. I feel like Amazon's algorithms should be good enough to know that a laptop or a graphics card is a "once every few years" purchase and stop advertising them for a while after you buy one, but when I ordered a new laptop Amazon recommended other laptops for MONTHS afterward.
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    Easy to understand. Easy to fix.
    They only have info on what you looked for. Not what you bought. And thier algorithems use a basic clustering approach - so, if you looked at two laptops, you are now in the Show Laptop cluster.

    Solution? move to another cluster. Look at cars. mortages. search for a lawyer in your area. Washing machines. Maybe raspberry pie to install piehole on it.
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    @magicMirror you know.. I think I have better things to do in my day than to manipulate some stupid advertising "AI" by randomly browsing stuff just to trick a machine :)
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    @netikras Oh really?
    Alrigthy then.
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    @EmberQuill The real reason is that you might not be happy with it and stuff is returned all the time, so they don't want to miss the followup sale.
    However I suppose that for some categories (e.g. laptops) the period mostly within the "free return" timeframe.

    Edit: Oops necro'd
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